Nile University is constantly branching with its efforts to be one of the leading research and academic universities nationally and internationally. The university’s affiliation with many academic institutions ensures that its academic quality meets the high standards expected of it and which students are worthy of.

  • Academic Affiliations

Nile University has collaborated with more than 50+ respectable universities from around the world. These collaborations facilitate the exchange of knowledge and permits students to have 2 semesters in any university or country they wish to go to.

The university is also accredited internationally from Pearson, which enables students to continue their studies anywhere in the world or work without the equation of their degrees.

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  • Research Affiliations

As one of the top-notch research universities in Egypt, Nile University has many joint research partnerships with regional and international universities. It also has a partnership from Erasmus, which is a program under the European Union that supports NU’s initiatives to partner with national and international institutions like FESTO; this FESTO partnership made it possible for NU to create FESTO-Authorized and Certified Training (FACT) facility and  have one-of-a-kind labs and equipment for practical learning and research purposes.