Full-time students appear on the President’s Honor Roll if they achieve a GPA of 4.0 for at least 15 credit hours of graded courses in a regular semester and they appear on their school Dean’s List if they achieve a GPA between 3.5 and 4.0 for the same number of credits. Honored students receive certificates of distinction and their honorary status is also noted on their academic records.

Graduation Honors are awarded at graduation according to the following guidelines:



Student Categories

Cumulative GPA at Graduation

Honor Level

Students who joined NU as freshmen or sophomore

≥ 3.4 and  < 3.6

Cum Laude

≥ 3.6 and  < 3.8

Magna Cum Laude

3.8 and above

Summa Cum Laude

Students with transfer credits of 30% of the credit hours applied towards a Bachelor degree or more

≥ 3.5 and  < 3.7

Cum Laude

≥ 3.7 and  < 3.9

Magna Cum Laude

3.9 and above

Summa Cum Laude


N.B: Honor recognition is pronounced at the graduation ceremony and is printed on the student’s graduation certificate.

President’s and Deans’ List of Honors