Success Stories


Teradix is a digital marketplace that connects business buyers with the right suppliers, simplifying and fostering the process of getting competitive quotations from the market. They are helping both buyers and suppliers to Save time, reduce costs and extend their business network.



Presto is creating products like user apps, courier apps, and a dashboard for vendors which supposed to work together for creating an automated delivery system.



Seater is an innovative transportation app that offers a fixed seat booking in anytime the client wants with cheaper and more competitive pricing than the other service providers.



Fawterak is offering an easy and secure payment for startups and online merchants. Fawterak overcomes the difficulties of printing and sending receipts by offering payment solution online.



A new revolutionary composite material that works with both compression and tension at the same time. Three times stronger than concrete in terms of compression and good tensile properties. Also, it provides digital design solutions and software which lead to complex freeform structures which can be built easily with our composite material.



Cemart is producing a new type of brick that has the these feature: environmentally friendly, heat insulation, sound and moisture, and economical. It is a substitute for the types of bricks found in the local market.



Wamda is a fully integrated smart home systems that provides an expectational home control experience for its users. Our innovation has been created using the latest technologies in the field to assure efficiency in terms of the customer-product interaction experience. Lambda has the capabilities of light, sound, curtain, and a plug control through Lambda’s smart app and other integrate-able apps such as Cortona and Alexa.