Why NU?

  • Preparing students for the real market through mandatory internships.
  • Having the freedom to discover interests and nurture talents through various extracurricular activities.
  • Providing unique majors and high-quality education that is affordable.  
  • Hiring top-notch international and national teaching staff that can reflect NU’s world-class education.
  • Students will enroll in a high-ranked university in the academic, research and innovation fields.
  • Offering alumni benefits and support for NU graduates.
  • Opening opportunities for students to be pioneers through providing one-of-a-kind labs and facilities.
  • Providing a proper environment where students can explore and develop themselves.


The following quick links can help you in accessing important information regarding the admission process and about Nile University's available schools and its academics: 


Admission Academics
 How to Apply?  Undergraduate Programs
 Admission Requirements  Postgraduate Programs
 Admission Documents

 Academic Eligibility Criteria                      


 Research at NU

 English Test – Qualifications Prerequisite  

 Student Life



 Students Exchange  Students
 Transportation  Campus Guide 





Watch the video below to know why you should choose NU: