Success Stories and Projects

1. NISC Research Assistants are sharing their work experience and their impressions about the center. 

By Eng. Omar Elwy, Eng. Abd Elaziz Elsafty, Eng.Bahaa Aldeen, Eng.Esraa Hameed, and Eng. Ahmed 


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2. An overview about NISC RA’s research topics by Eng. Omar Elwy, Eng. Abd Elaziz Elsafty, Eng. Bahaa Aldeen, and Eng. Esraa Hameed and Eng. Ahmed who are talking about the different research topics they were working on in the center like Bio Impedance, Chaotic system encryption, fraction calculas, Fractional-Order Memristor, Memristor Digital application and integer and fractional order chaotic systems. Read More


3. Dr. Lobna Said, one of NISC center faculty members, introduces in details research topics in NISC center and talks about the aimed future plans. Read More


4. Few introductory mintues about NISC center by Dr. Ahmed Madian, NISC Center Director. Read More


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