NU Vision
NU Mission
NU Core Values
NU History
NU Strategic Goals

To be a world-class, internationally recognized learning, research, and entrepreneurial university.


To contribute to the development of cultural values and to technology-driven economics in Egypt and the region through the pursuit of education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship at the highest levels of excellence by: 

  • Offering leading edge undergraduate and graduate programs and executive education.
  • Carrying-out interdisciplinary research.
  • Collaborating with distinguished international universities and research institutions.
  • Committing to a strong linkage with business and industry, and dedicating to serving the community.

Excellence, integrity, and service to the community, with a commitment to diversity and respect for the individual, are all integral parts of NU's values and embraced by each member of our community. 

  • Excellence
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Freedom of Thought and Expression
  • Respect for the Individual

The development of Nile University (NU) dates to 1999, when a group of community leaders foresaw the need to establish a leading-edge non-profit university dedicated to the advancement of higher education and applied research in selected sectors of strategic importance to the economy. Egypt suffers from a growing shortage of technically capable and well-qualified personnel, who are educated and trained to understand the needs of industry in a dynamically changing global marketplace. Enhancing the nation’s technological resources, particularly in high skilled areas, is critical to the country’s goal of sustainable economic growth. 

While Egypt has a solid academic sector, it does not presently have a world-class research university capable of meeting industry challenges in high technology sectors. This is the role Nile University intended to play. Further, the National Telecommunications and Information Technology Strategic Plan calls for building an IT society that would cope with worldwide developments and advancements in technology in order to accelerate economic and social development in Egypt. The main goal of this plan is intended to bridge the digital gap between Egypt and the developed industrial nations. 

The Egyptian Foundation for Technology Education Development (EFTED), a non-governmental organization, was set up with the primary purpose of establishing Nile University. This university would serve the dual purpose of capacity building in targeted sectors, and of leading applied research in collaboration with the ICT community and other critical industrial sectors in Egypt. To that effect, it is important to link academia, industry, and government; Nile University was thus conceived with this philosophy in mind. The university obtained approvals for operations from the Higher Council of Private Universities under law No. 101 of 1996.  The presidential decree for establishing the university was issued in July 2006, followed by an official inauguration ceremony on January 11th, 2007. 

    To accomplish its mission, NU strives to achieve the following goals:

  • Recruit, develop and retain high-quality faculty and staff.
  • Attract, support and retain highly qualified and motivated students.
  • Create an educational environment and physical facilities conducive to learning and research.
  • Encourage innovation, student leadership, and entrepreneurship.
  • Establish strong linkages with businesses, governments and NGOs to enhance the capacity building in the local and regional community.
  • Promote a culture of creative research and critical thinking.
  • Leverage the expatriates’ resources.
  • Encourage collaboration with other universities.
  • Harvest research output and incubate intellectual property.