Entrepreneurship is central to Nile University’s mission to “contribute to the economic development of Egypt and the region through excellence in research and education”, bringing technology and business together. 

An entrepreneurial mindset is also central to the culture of learning that NU aspires to create within its community. For these reasons, NU has established itself as a key player in the Egyptian entrepreneurship ecosystem with an integrated strategy that aims to spread the entrepreneurial way of thinking across all sectors of the Egyptian community: high school students and adults; men and women, marginalized communities and well-off communities within Nile University walls and outside it. While we specifically support innovators and problem-solvers in turning challenges into viable business opportunities, we also work on creating an entrepreneurial mindset in regular jobs and walks of life. An entrepreneurial mindset, starting with startups all the way to government offices, is essential for Egypt’s progress.

NU’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support (IES) comes together through the efforts of several units within Nile University including Technology, Innovation and Commercialization Office (TICO), Division of Professional Development (DPD), NU Business School and NU Social Entrepreneurship Association (NUSEA), and  School of Management of Technology (MOT) working together on a broad set of initiatives including:

1.     Entrepreneurship awareness sessions all over Egypt from Aswan to Alexandria.

2.     Ideation, Business Canvas Model and Pitching training sessions across Egypt.

3.     Social Entrepreneurship competition NU 100.

4.     Innovation and prototype development support for NU-related startups from Sinai to Halayeb and Shalateen.

5.     Mentoring for NU-related start-ups.

On the learning side, NU provides specific courses for graduate and undergraduate students in social entrepreneurship, setting up your own business, innovation management, marketing and taking research out into the market.

For more information, contact: entrepreneurship@nu.edu.eg