NU Research Profile

The structure of NU research is different to most of the Egyptian Universities as it depends on six fundamental pillars as follows:

  • The high profile of faculty members in different tracks, and the proper selection of the research assistants who are fully dedicated for their research work and projects. The percentage of NU-Alumni in multi-national companies and top postgraduate programs in USA and European universities is relatively high.
  • The concept of research centers encourages all professors to work together with their teams in a multidisciplinary fashion. NU has five Research Centers in different technological tracks such as Nanoelectronics and recent circuit theory, Wireless technologies, Computer Informatics and big-data, Nanotechnology, and smart engineering systems.


  • Helping startups improve their product and business models and prepare them to scale worldwide. The innovation culture inside NU promotes Entrepreneurship concepts with the help of Innovation Hub and the specialized center IECC which guide researchers technically, administratively and financially. As a result, many undergraduate/postgraduate students have their own start-ups and incubated companies to realize their ideas.


  • The existence of the Grants office which supports the faculty members with all related details for different sponsoring agencies and manages all financial processes with other units inside NU to simplify the resulting reports. During the last 10 years, NU has received many grants from 35 different national and international agencies most of them in research-oriented projects as well as more than 15 European projects for capacity building purposes.


  • The technologically based research facilities, scientific labs, and the collaboration/coalition with national and international institutes inside and outside Egypt simplify the collection of data and processing especially since the university is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


  • The ongoing active events inside the university such as seminars, workshops, invited speakers, bootcamps, training as well as the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Research Forums which have been initiated five years ago and link the academic courses with research centers via hundreds of projects running every year. Thus, create a generation of undergraduate students capable of performing scientific research with all its concepts and fundamentals.




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