History and Statistics

NU Bachelor’s degrees ensure that students have the knowledge and skills to continue pursuing career and learning opportunities throughout their life. Proceeding from this task we have made a roadshow for undergraduates from freshmen to seniors to start their research early. With the variety in our research centers, we enable the students to enter the interdisciplinary area that connects academics with the market applications and needs. With the supervision of Nile university staff, a very organized research project plan was made to help students explore the re-look usage over the learning. 

The Undergraduate Research Forum (UGRF) started with one course “Application on Differential Equation (MATH-203)” in Fall 2015 where students were encouraged by Dr. Ahmed Gomaa Radwan to do research in a scientific way. The UGRF event is held every semester with a remarkable increase in the number of courses and projects. By the 9th UGRF Fall 2019, the number of projects exceeded 260 and more than 850 students have learned by experience the fundamentals of scientific research. As an outcome of the UGRF, 25+ undergraduate students now have research profiles in Scopus after publishing 25+ international conference papers and book chapters; we are looking forward for more. 

The one-of-a-kind event that happens once every semester at Nile University is the Undergraduate Research Forum. The one day in the semester full of science-backed up with breathtaking creative ideas and mind-blowing innovation. See researchers from all fields compete against not only each other but in the international field of research and invention. All done by undergraduate students; you would watch robot fights with robots manufactured completely by the students, mathematical models that solve everyday problems that face Egyptians and the world, business plans for new startup ideas backed up with breaking-through technologies or create models of existing ones. Just to mention the fewest of what you can see in such a day. And besides all of that, these undergraduates are having fun. A lot of it. A wise man once said, “Some people make things happen, others wait for things to happen and others wonder what happened”. Be in the first category. Be in Nile University’s Undergraduate Research Forum.


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