• Support NU faculty members in the application for new grants by providing related details, templates, updates. Also, assisting in proposal writing and budget reviewing.
  • Keep records and track all proposals submitted by NU. Also, managing finances of all accepted proposals.
  • Managing all expenses sponsored by a grant; travel costs, events’ costs, equipment cost, cost of full or partial scholarships of some postgraduate students… etc.
  • Offer statistical information as well as creating and distributing both standard and customized reports, summaries, analysis for running projects.
  • Communicate, facilitate and manage the processes among the technical departments related to NU Grants and the admin departments e.g. Finance, HR, Procurements … etc.
  • Responsible for the periodic financial reporting to donors/funding agencies and the follow up on the evaluation process.
  • Audit and audit compliance.
  • Submit internal reporting and frequent review of Grant’s office processes, workflow and achievements.


NU Grants office plays an essential role in serving NU strategic mission by offering support services that help the institution’s research mission, providing support services to programs, departments and individuals of NU to help accomplish success of projects. The Nu grants office works with sponsors and funding agencies to effectively achieve their joint goals with NU and finally, one of the main objectives of NU Grants office is to consistently work to attract new grants/ funds serving NU’s areas of expertise.